This Summer Pasta Salad With Salami Is Insane! -

This summer pasta salad with salami is insane discover a vibrant mix of flavors with tricolor rotini pasta fresh veggies and zesty italian dressing read more

Cook the pasta boil salted water and cook the tricolor rotini pasta until al dente drain and rinse under cold water to cool read more

Slice the salami if your salami isn’t presliced cut it into thin slices or strips to mix into the salad read more

Mix ingredients in a large bowl combine cooled pasta diced cucumber cherry tomatoes red onion black olives colby cheese and salami read more

Season it up sprinkle salad supreme seasoning for an extra flavor kick before adding the dressing read more

Dress the salad pour olive garden signature italian dressing over the salad toss until well combined and evenly coated read more

Chill and meld cover the bowl and chill in the fridge for at least one hour this helps the flavors meld together beautifully read more

Serve and enjoy before serving toss the salad again to redistribute the dressing garnish with fresh herbs or extra cheese  if desired read more

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