This Gooey Cheese Quesadilla Recipe Is Ready In Minutes -

Melty magic craving a hot delicious meal try this quick and easy cheese quesadilla recipe for melty magicĀ  in minutes read more

What you need tortillas shredded cheese and butter optional refried beans guacamole salsa read more

Heat your pan over medium heat and melt the butter until its bubbling ready your tortilla for some cheesy goodness melt the butter read more

Place a tortilla in the pan let it warm for about 30 seconds just enough to make it soft and ready to load up with cheese first tortilla read more

Sprinkle a generous amount of shredded cheese over the tortilla feeling adventurous add refried beans for extra flavor and protein add the cheese read more

Cover with another tortilla and let it cook for 23 minutes the smell of melting cheese begins to fill the air top and cook read more

Carefully flip the quesadilla with a large spatula let it cook for another 23 minutes until the cheese is irresistibly gooey flip time read more

Remove from heat and slice into quarters serve your cheesy masterpiece hot and fresh with your favorite sides slice and serve read more

Perfect for a quick meal or snack enjoy the melty cheesy goodness in every bite enjoy your quesadilla read more

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