This Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Will Blow Your Grandma'S Away -

A new family classic get ready to impress with a chicken pot pie recipe thats bound to become a new family favorite surpassing even grandmas classic read more

The ultimate comfort food discover why chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort dish juicy chicken crisp veggies and a flaky puff pastry crust read more

Gather your ingredients start with the basics chicken breasts veggies puff pastry and spices full list on our site this dish is all about simplicity  and flavor read more

Boil chicken until tender then shred remember the secret to a flavorful pie is in the broth keep it for the sauce prep the chicken read more

Sauté onions and garlic then add celery carrots and peas the key to a great filling is starting with perfectly softened veggies sauté the veggies read more

Blend flour and cream into your veggies adding shredded chicken this rich sauce is what sets this pot pie apart creamy sauce magic read more

Line your dish with puff pastry add the filling then top with another pastry layer its as easy as pie literally assemble your masterpiece read more

Bake until golden brown that golden crust is your ticket to a pot pie thats as beautiful as it is delicious bake to perfection read more

Garnish with fresh thyme and serve this isnt just any chicken pot pie its a culinary experience thatll make grandma proud the grand reveal read more

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