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The most popular medium haircut inspiration for 2024

Blunt lob long bobs with harsh cuts are perfect if you enjoy the look of bobs but dont want to commit to short ones sassy and mediumlength

Classic shag if youre scared a mediumlength haircut will make you look shorter try a shag get quick texture and volume from the allover layers without missing the length

Wispy layers thin hair gains volume and dimension from layers wispy texture this cut has long layers and airy faceframing bangs

Blunt layers blunt layers and a medium cut make thick hair look thicker combining helps hair retain volume so length doesnt weigh it down

Long layers long layers on a mediumlength cut add volume and movement without much care this sideparted cut looks amazing

Sleek and straight simple and attractive this clean cut requires little bother samelength strands create a sleek impressive effect

Wavy layers and caramel ribbons warm ribbon highlights compliment wavy or curly hair and a few layers give texture this style shows peter menezes warm highlight skills

Modern shag a divided fringe modern shag is more relaxed than the classic hairstylist ashlee normans cool girl chic look has fluffy layers and subtle highlights