The Lazy Cook'S Guide To Air Fryer Tuna Patties -

The lazy cooks guide to air fryer tuna patties effortlessly delicious tuna patties made right in your air fryer read more

Mix match magic in a medium bowl combine drained tuna eggs breadcrumbs and a mix of seasonings stir until everything is  well blended read more

Form the patties shape the mixture into four ½inch thick patties this size ensures they cook evenly and hold together nicely read more

Air fryer action preheat your air fryer to 400°f and give those patties the spotlight a quick spray of cooking oil and they’re ready to go golden read more

Crisp golden 12 minutes is all it takes for the transformation what emerges crispy on the outside tender and moist on the inside—perfection read more

Build your masterpiece layer those golden beauties on hamburger buns with red onion tomato lettuce and your spread of choice each sandwich a masterpiece read more

Pro tips unleashed freeze patties precook to keep them intact experiment with flavors and don’t shy away from your favorite herbs or spices read more

Serving suggestions pair with a simple green salad kale chips or your favorite soup for a meal thats as balanced as it is delicious read more

Serve and enjoy serve these delicious air fryer tuna patties on buns garnished with fresh veggies ensuring a satisfying and wholesome meal that’s ready in minutes read more

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