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The 9 mummy movies ranked from worst to best

The mummy 2017 the mummy was so poorly received by both reviewers and viewers that universal was compelled to reconsider how it handled the dark universe

The mummy’s tomb 1942 little is new in this sequel to the quadrilogy about the mummies kharis lon chaney jr quest for vengeance its already glacial pace is slowed by the inclusion of scenes from the previous film

The mummy tomb of the dragon emperor 2008 the dragon emperors tomb experienced executional issues the comedy frequently bordered on the blatantly corny and the cgi was infamously awful

Abbott and costello meet the mummy 1955 abbott and costello meet the mummy is a cheesy parody that doesnt really provide anything new save for a few good laughs

The mummy’s ghost 1944 the mummys ghost has a somewhat formulaic plot in which a mummy tries to resurrect his beloved using a living vessel nonetheless the films presentation is entertaining and fascinating

The mummy’s curse 1944 the degree of agency that the mummys curse grants to ananka virginia christine a female mummy is among its most intriguing aspects

The mummy’s hand 1940 the horror movie gains levity from the mummys hand the film also features marta peggy moran a shrewd astute lady who holds her own and dominates every scene shes in

The mummy returns 2001 by capitalizing on the onscreen connection between brendan fraser and rachel weiss the mummy returns successfully recreates many of the elements that made its predecessor endearing

The mummy 1932 theres a reason why this 1932 film is a classic the mummys narrative advances gradually and deliberately through suspense