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The 9 highestgrossing movies of all time

Avatar 2009 avatar a science fiction fantasy epic directed by james cameron broke box office records and is still the top film right now learn more arrow

Avengers endgame 2019 marvel enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipated the mcus sequel to avengers infinity war heroes from every realm and planet banded together to take down thanos and resurrect half learn more arrow

Avatar the way of water 2022 james cameron followed up his biggest blockbuster avatar more than ten years after its unmatched popularity with the way of water which jumps several years forward to show jake and netreyi learn more arrow

Titanic 1997 starring as starcrossed lovers in james camerons classic film about the tragic rms titanic are kate and leo—do we really need to use last names titanic is a tale well never let go learn more arrow

Star wars episode vii — the force awakens 2015 fans of the star wars franchise have always been devoted and they demonstrated this once again with the force awakens which brings together both newbies and wellknown franchise characters learn more arrow

Avengers infinity war 2018 the events of the avengers epic set the stage for the penultimate chapter infinity war in which our favorite mcu heroes battle to prevent thanos from obtaining the potent infinity stones learn more arrow

Spiderman no way home 2021 long before no way home was scheduled to be released in december 2021 fans were speculating that the films multiverse plot will unite peter parkers from the past and present learn more arrow

Jurassic world 2015 the cherished series that started with steven spielbergs iconic 1993 picture jurassic park was brought back to life with jurassic world learn more arrow

The lion king 2019 the second liveaction disney classic to be reimagined the lion king following the jungle book was wellreceived by both reviewers and audiences in 2016 learn more arrow