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8 prehistoric animals that are not dinosaurs

The entelodon resembles a cross between a warthog and a pig when it is seen entelodon

These strangelooking animals were mammals that shared characteristics with armadillos and tortoises glyptodon

This enormous elephantlike monster lived during the pleistocene era mastodon

The megalodon a gigantic animal that resembled a great white shark is most likely descended directly from the kind that exists today megalodon

It is a sea species and reptiles with large jaws and short necks like monsters were used to devour their prey mosasaurs

They belonged to the phorusrhacidae family and were referred to as terror birds informally phorusrhacos longissimus

The smilodon also called the sabertoothed tiger is an extinct species that resembled a tiger or cat but was unrelated to contemporary cats sabertoothed tiger

Students from the university of florida and the smithsonian tropical research institute made the discovery in colombia in the early 2000s titanoboa