Taste The Difference! Homemade Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken Recipe -

Taste the difference unlock the secret to making your favorite panda express dish in the comfort of your home read more

Simple ingredients big flavors start with basic ingredients for a savory sweet experience you’ll love how easy it is to gather what you need for this taste adventure read more

Pat dry chicken thighs and season with salt and pepper its all in the prep for that perfect sear prep your chicken to perfection read more

Heat oil in a skillet and cook chicken until golden on each side this step locks in flavors for a mouthwatering base sear for golden goodness read more

Mix brown sugar soy sauce water garlic powder ground ginger and cornstarch this homemade sauce will elevate your chicken to the next level craft your teriyaki sauce read more

Pour the sauce over your seared chicken watch as it thickens into a glossy flavorful coat thats signature  to this dish combine and simmer read more

After simmering let your chicken rest to soak up the flavors then slice for serving this step ensures each bite is infused with teriyaki goodness let it rest then slice read more

Plate your teriyaki chicken over a bed of steamed rice garnish with green onions and sesame seeds for a beautiful finish serve over fluffy rice read more

Dive into your homemade panda express teriyaki chicken its not just a meal its an experience that brings the taste of panda express right to  your table enjoy the homemade magic read more

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