Taco Tuesday Transformed: Salad Cups! -

Taco tuesday transformed salad cups reinvent your taco tuesday with these fun and flavorful taco salad cups perfect for parties and quick snacks read more

What youll need start with simple ingredients ground turkey street tacostyle flour tortillas salsa lettuce tomato onion cilantro avocado and lime read more

Preheat prep kick things off by preheating your oven to 425°f 220°c and spraying a muffin pan with cooking spray read more

Create your cups press tortillas into the muffin tin slots and bake until golden – your crispy taco cups await read more

Cook the filling sauté ground turkey to perfection then stir in taco seasoning and salsa for that signature zesty flavor read more

Assemble the cups fill each tortilla cup with the cooked turkey mixture adding layers of lettuce tomato onion cilantro and avocado read more

The finishing touch squeeze a bit of lime over each cup for a fresh citrusy zest that ties all the flavors together read more

Expert tips for perfection from choosing fresh veggies to making ahead these tips ensure your taco salad cups turn out amazing read more

Serve enjoy present your taco salad cups at any gathering or treat yourself to a delightful snack get ready for the compliments read more

Swipe up to see taco tuesday transformed  salad cups read more