Say Goodbye Dry Chicken! Juiciest Tenders Secret -

Say goodbye dry chicken juiciest tenders secret unlock the secret to the juiciest crunchiest chicken tenders you’ve ever made perfect for any meal and loved by all ages read more

Prep and season preheat your oven to 355°f 180ºc cut the chicken breasts into 1inch thick slices and season generously with salt and pepper for the perfect flavor base read more

Create your breading mix mix breadcrumbs panko shredded parmesan and a blend of garlic powder onion powder paprika and oregano this mix is your ticket to  flavorful crispy coating read more

Set up your breading station arrange three bowls for an efficient breading process one for flour one for beaten eggs and one for your breadcrumb mix read more

Bread the chicken dip each chicken piece in flour then egg and finally coat thoroughly in the breadcrumb mix ensuring full coverage is key to that  irresistible crunch read more

Bake to perfection arrange the tenders on a baking tray a light spray of oil adds to the golden crunch bake for 1215 minutes until perfection read more

Flip for even crispiness halfway through give them a gentle flip this ensures an even golden brown crispiness all around read more

The final touch out of the oven and ready to cool the anticipation builds as you prepare for that first crunchy bite read more

Enjoy your masterpiece dig into the juiciest crunchiest chicken tenders around say goodbye to dry chicken and hello to a family favorite that’s perfect for dipping and sharing read more

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