Red Cabbage Coleslaw: Easy Way To Impress Guests -

Red cabbage coleslaw a colorful twist on a classic discover how this vibrant side dish can be your secret weapon for any gathering read more

Gather your ingredients start with fresh red cabbage carrots and onion don’t forget cilantro and dill for that fresh herb kick read more

Thinly slice your red cabbage and carrots dice the onion and roughly chop the herbs for a burst of flavor shred slice to perfection read more

In a large bowl combine your shredded veggies and herbs this mix is the vibrant base of your coleslaw toss it all together read more

Whisk together sugar salt pepper olive oil or mayo for creaminess and apple cider vinegar for the perfect dressing mix your dressing read more

Pour the dressing over your veggie mix stirring well to ensure every strand is deliciously coated coat your slaw read more

Cover and refrigerate your coleslaw for at least an hour allowing flavors to meld together beautifully chill marinate read more

Serve your coleslaw chilled garnished with extra herbs watch as your guests marvel at the burst of colors  and flavors serve impress read more

Your red cabbage coleslaw is not just a side dish it’s a conversation starter and a guaranteed way to impress your guests enjoy the rave reviews read more

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