Omg! The Easiest & Crispiest Homemade Corn Dogs Ever! -

The easiest crispiest homemade corn dogs welcome to the world of homemade delights get ready to make the crispiest most delicious corn dogs ever – right from your kitchen read more

Ingredients preview first up gather your ingredients youll need hot dogs yellow cornmeal flour sugar salt baking powder an egg and buttermilk let’s make something amazing read more

Start by prepping your hot dogs dry them well with paper towels for the perfect stickiness then skewer each one ready for dipping prepare the hot dogs read more

Next whisk together the cornmeal flour sugar salt and baking powder in a separate bowl mix the egg and buttermilk combine both to create your batter mix the batter read more

Make sure your batter is just right – thick enough to coat the dogs well if its too thick add a bit more buttermilk this is the secret to a crispy coating batter consistency read more

Heat your oil to 350°f 175°c use a thermometer to check the temperature for perfect frying conditions get ready for some frying action heat the oil read more

Dip each skewered hot dog into the batter then carefully lower them into the hot oil fry them until golden brown and crispy about 23 minutes dip and fry read more

Drain the corn dogs on paper towels then serve hot with your favorite condiments like ketchup and mustard crunchy outside juicy inside – perfection serve and enjoy read more

Making homemade corn dogs is not only fun but delicious share these bites at your next party or game day didnt we say they were easy and crispy enjoy the fun flavor read more

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