Homemade Tamales: Your Ticket To Flavor Town -

Homemade tamales your ticket to flavor town ready to make the best tamales ever follow these steps to create a delicious traditional mexican dish with a modern twist read more

Prepare the corn husks boil water separate wash and clean the corn husks soak them in hot water for 2 hours drain and set aside read more

Make the guiso filling heat olive oil in a skillet brown pork tenderloin add onions garlic cumin bay leaves and black pepper sauté for 5 minutes then add diced tomatoes read more

Prepare the masa in a large bowl mix corn masa flour with vegetable oil salt and beef broth knead for 1015 minutes until dough reaches a play doughlike consistency read more

Assemble the tamales spread masa on a corn husk add pork filling fold the sides then fold in half wrap with a second husk and secure with husk or twine read more

Steam the tamales place tamales in a steamer basket cover with a damp towel and steam in a large pot for about 1 hour make sure the water doesn’t touch the tamales read more

Check for doneness let tamales rest for a few minutes if the husk pulls away easily from the masa they’re ready serve with hot sauce and fresh cilantro read more

Tips for perfect tamales keep corn husks moist while working don’t overfill tamales taste and season masa and guiso use a steamer setup to keep water away from tamales read more

Enjoy your homemade tamales savor your homemade tamales with family and friends they’re perfect for gatherings and can be stored for future meals welcome to flavor town read more

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