Gold Standard: The Best Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe -

Gold standard the best crispy chicken tenders recipe dive into making the crunchiest juiciest chicken tenders a simple yet exceptional recipe awaits read more

Prep like a pro start by preheating your oven to 355°f slice chicken breasts into 1inch thick tenders season with salt pepper for that first layer of flavor read more

The secret breading mix combine breadcrumbs parmesan and spices this special blend is what sets these tenders apart read more

Assembly line magic line up your stations flour egg then breadcrumbs each tender gets the tripledip treatment for maximum crunch read more

Ready set bread dredge each tender in flour dip in egg and roll in the breadcrumb mix ensure theyre wellcoated for that irresistible crust read more

Bake to perfection arrange the tenders on a baking tray a light spray of oil adds to the golden crunch bake for 1215 minutes until perfection read more

Flip for even crispiness halfway through give them a gentle flip this ensures an even golden brown crispiness all around read more

The final touch out of the oven and ready to cool the anticipation builds as you prepare for that first crunchy bite read more

Dip enjoy serve with your favorite dips whether its a casual dinner or meal prep these chicken tenders are always a hit read more

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