Fresh Garlic For Weeks! Unlock The Secret To Longer Storage! -

Fresh garlic for weeks unlock the secret to longer storage and keep your garlic fresh and flavorful read more

Why store garlic properly proper storage transforms garlic into a culinary superstar infusing recipes with rich flavor and nutrients read more

Whole and unpeeled cloves store garlic bulbs in a dark cool and wellventilated place use mesh bags paper bags or a ceramicĀ  garlic keeper read more

Ideal containers choose containers that allow air circulation like wire baskets or bowls with holes avoid plastic bags to prevent mold read more

Peeled cloves place peeled cloves in a sealed container with a paper towel at the bottom to absorb moisture store in the fridge for up to a week read more

Roasting garlic roasting garlic mellows its flavor and adds sweetness perfect for spreads and enhancing dishes read more

Freezing garlic freeze whole or chopped cloves in olive oil use ice cube trays for chopped garlic to easily add to recipes later read more

Choosing fresh garlic pick firm heads with tightly closed cloves the outer skin should be dry and thin without damp spots read more

Enjoy fresh garlic for months with these storage tips your garlic will be ready to enhance your dishes with its bold flavor and nutritional benefits anytime you need it read more

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