Forget Takeout! Make This Restaurant-Worthy Chicken Pot Pie -

Restaurantworthy chicken pot pie discover how easy it is to create this comforting classic right at home read more

Gather ingredients all you need is chicken veggies puff pastry and a few pantry staples for this hearty meal read more

Cut puff pastry sheets into mediumsized triangles to form delicious flaky layers in your casserole prepare puff pastry read more

Cook chicken breasts in boiling water until done then shred them keep the broth for adding richness to the sauce boil your chicken read more

Sauté onions and garlic until soft then add celery and carrots for a nutrientpacked mix sauté the veggies read more

Stir in flour and heavy cream into your veggies cooking until thickened season well with thyme salt and pepper creamy sauce creation read more

In a greased baking dish layer puff pastry the creamy chicken mixture and repeat finishing with a pastry top layer the casserole read more

Brush the top with egg white and bake until golden brown about 25 minutes bake your casserole read more

Garnish with parsley and enjoy hot skipping the takeout for a homemade restaurantworthy meal serve your homemade masterpiece read more

Swipe up to see forget takeout make this restaurantworthy chicken  pot pie read more