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Fallout 7 reasons to watch prime videos new drama series

Fallout has a reverence for its source material popular source material is a huge pull of fallout and an important reason it was made to succeed the show had to honor one of the most intriguing game franchises luckily fallout was made by aficionados of the games and their enthusiasm permeated the program

The fallout show doesnt depend on the games fallout doesnt alienate new viewers by satisfying gaming fans with references that made fallout approachable to the ordinary viewer which expanded its audience and let it tell a tale independent of the games

Fallout balances its drama comedy aspects well the show follows fallouts legacy of scathing satire and offbeat humor it can be difficult to add comedy to a dramatic story without cheapening the drama or failing the comic thank goodness fallout balanced its serious story with unique humor

Fallout is incredibly unique even though dystopian video game adaptations like the last of us make comparisons more likely fallout has done the same fallout elevated its distinct environment and features

Fallout prioritizes story substance the fallout show could have relied on the games history and been ok retrofuturistic style radioactive monsters and mutants and more may have made the show a decent replica of one of the games

Fallouts three main characters are welldeveloped good story and wellwritten characters are needed to carry a show luckily fallouts large cast worked together to bring the wasteland to life all of the shows key characters are welldeveloped and have intriguing facets

Fallouts lead actors give compelling performances characters are interesting because of how theyre written and depicted purnell moten and goggins fallouts three primary leads played their roles well and created realistic characters even the supporting actors gave the shows universe and stakes substance