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Discover 8 types of peony flowers

Festiva maxima the white ‘festiva maxima’ peony is our first usda hardiness zones 3–8 support this lovely blossom fragrant ‘festiva maxima’ blooms up to 7 inches wide

Sonoma halo this elegant flower has 5–6inch double golden flowers about 32 inches long the plant late autumn and early winter are excellent for planting peonies for summer and spring flowers

Princess margaret this lovely 1960registered plant blooms dark pink doubleflowers in april this perennial peony grows in light shade to full sun this plant grows 30–34 inches tall ‘princess margaret’ peonies aren’t blue

Miss america this aromatic flower is popular it thrives in usda hardiness zones 3–8 and is mostly white with a yellow center ‘miss america’ peony are robust and good for cuttings their bushy growth may span 3 feet

Red charm these flowers resemble carnations and roses these early doubleflowers signal spring their short lifespan and early flowering add to their appeal

Bowl of beauty the bowl appears valuable and delicate thus its name the peony is pink and white the huge 8 to 10inch blossoms endure 7–10 days this peony blooms late midseason

Bartzella ‘bartzella’ is a humorous plant name another lovely doubleyellow blossom with a fragrant lemon aroma orangered color in floral center ‘bartzella’ flowers are 8 inches long and the plant grows to 34 inches

Raspberry sundae this peony is cheap and common ‘raspberry sundae’ peonies bloom beautifully flowers look like vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce it smells pleasant yet moderate