Cobb Salad Perfection Guide -

Cobb salad perfection guide discover how to make the perfect cobb salad with this easy  stepbystep guide read more

Make the dressing in a jar combine vinegar oil dijon mustard salt black pepper and a pinch of sugar whisk in olive oil until emulsified read more

Prepare the chicken preheat oven to 350°f 180°c brush chicken breasts with melted butter season with salt pepper garlic powder and paprika read more

Cook the bacon cook bacon until crispy you can use the air fryer oven or stovetop once cooked crumble the bacon into bits read more

Boil the eggs place eggs in a pot cover with water bring to a boil turn off the heat let sit for 12 minutes then transfer to ice water for easy peeling read more

Chop the veggies chop romaine lettuce halve cherry tomatoes dice avocados and slice shallots arrange all ingredients in separate bowls for easy assembly read more

Assemble the salad on a large platter layer chopped romaine neatly arrange chicken bacon eggs avocado tomatoes and blue cheese in rows on top of the lettuce read more

Add the finishing touches sprinkle thinly sliced shallots over the salad drizzle with the prepared vinaigrette or serve the dressing on the side read more

Cobb salad perfection enjoy your beautifully arranged delicious and nutritious cobb salad perfect for any meal read more

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