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Best selftanners for face and body tested by experts

Coco eve sunny honey bali bronzing self tanner mousse smooth on coco eves lush selftanner mousse to get the perfect fake sunkissed glow quickly it won the gh beauty labs selftanner test it got the best scores almost everywhere and was the testers general pick

L’oréal paris sublime bronze tinted selftanning lotion if you want to bronze your skin beautifully without spending a lot of money try loréal paris which was rated the best by the gh beauty lab it did a great job of making skin soft after use and giving an even color

Coola organic sunless tan firming lotion coolas cream is different from most selftanners because it is made with approved organic chemicals that come from plants however it still gave gh beauty lab great longlasting bronzing results

Ulta express tan tinted mousse people with fair skin can use this colored ulta beauty foam product it got the best results in gh beauty lab tests for making a tan that looked even and faded evenly

Clarins self tanning milky lotion this clarins light cream with relaxing glycerin won the gh beauty lab test and is almost foolproof even for beginners it can be used on the face and body to make the skin look and feel warm which users liked

Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer this jergens slow selftanner comes in a gentle cream mix that softens the skin you can build up the covering the winner of the beauty lab test got top marks for moisturizing which made the judges happy

Soleil toujours daily sunless tanning serum with a recipe like a skin care product soleil toujours was made to help you tan your face yourself gh beauty lab tested it and found that it did a good job of giving the desired depth of tan color