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9 trending wedding hairstyles for black women in 2024

Apply a small amount of hair cream to the front edge of your hairline after cleaning and drying your natural hairstyle pulled back afro with headpiece

Use a curlfriendly detangling tool to untangle hair that is two to three days old to apply color correctly this should separate the strands of your hair and puff it up dipdyed natural coils

It must be divided into portions by moving in a circular motion this implies that you should work your way up your hairline beginning at the nape the feedin braided bun

If your hair isnt very thick you might choose to have a weave soak the extensions in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water before weaving them on natural curls

After washing let your hair air dry to make braiding your hair simpler use a hair lotion or moisturizer traditional black braids

Using a straightening iron make waves in areas of hair that are three inches broad at a time insert the sections top into the straightening iron and wrap it once beachy waves

Wrap the headband around your heads crown avoid removing your hair via the headband it ought to dangle freely beneath the headband twisted halo

To give your hair a bit more shine apply a small amount of oil make a deep side parting in your hair using the rattailed comb side swept afro

Using an elastic band and hairpins create a low bun for your hair add some ornamental hairpins as an accessory elegant messy bun