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9 mediumlength hairstyles were loving right now

Angled lob this mediumlength style is more fascinating with an angled cut that stacks and layers from back to front this style works with central or side parts

Mega layers going more is more with layers gives you volume and lift quickly layers shouldnt exceed the chin for a midlength cut

Thick long layers longer layers like these look wonderful on midlength cuts for thick hair these layers blend without being choppy or layered

Curly volume curlyhaired girls struggle to find a volumizing length between short and long gorgeous shoulderlength cut with sideswept layers around the face

Sideswept and simple its fun easy and chic its excellent for a woman who wants a unique easy haircut bangs are swept to the side below the eyebrows

Sleek shag the disheveled style and bangs of this trendy shag cut are cleaner apply a smoothing serum or oil on dry hair for maximum shine

Framing shoulder cut this blunt cut below the shoulders has few faceframing layers to make hair look healthy and robust

Classic and flippy flipping ends and delicate curls give this vintageinspired style movement at the collarbone

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