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9 auburn hair color ideas to inspire your next makeover

Auburn with blonde highlights the hue that brings out the best in your hair highlights in blonde hair provide a threedimensional impression and add jawdropping volume that is difficult to ignore

Highlighted light auburn hair by drawing attention to certain hairs this loving hairdo makes the red color really stand out the best thing it works for people with both hot and cooler skin tones

Rusty auburn hair color the best choice when youre not sure what to do if you choose red balayage or ombre you dont have to choose between the two colors these royal shades can come into your life

Dark hair with auburn balayage add orange highlights to your rich dark red hair for a totally fascinating look you will end up with a golden beard that looks bigger and is full of light and color

Blonde streaks on auburn hair this medium red hair color has hints of copper and blonde it looks beautiful with the highcontrast strips which give the hair more depth and movement

Auburn hair with copper highlights warm copper highlights are always the greatest method to bring out the natural warmth of auburn tones in order to have a more textured and seductive feel choose for lighter endings

Auburn brown hair experiment with your natural brown colors by emphasizing them with a touch of auburn that is just enough to give your appearance a new lease of life

Auburn hair with a touch of cinnamon these are a soft version of red balayage a few lighter shades were added to the brown hair to give the skin and hair a soft glow

Auburn highlights for brown hair blondes of shiny red can be used to dress up brown hair in many ways this type of hair is also known as hygge because it looks so soft and natural