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8 tips to help busy mums fit in exercise

Go easy on yourself parenting requires a significant amount of time and energy realistically you may not have as much time to exercise as you had before having children and thats fine remember doing something while you can is preferable to doing nothing

Make the most of lunch breaks try exercising during lunch breaks if you work no time for the gym starting with a 30minute walk lunch is beneficial since it gets your body moving and boosts your heart rate

Book an exercise class at the gym working out in fitness classes is ideal for busy parents most puregym lessons are 30–45 minutes so you can leave and get home quickly

Go on a family walk or hike walks are sometimes disregarded yet taking more steps each day can improve your mental and physical health and help you lose weight

Take part in a childfriendly workout at home create a family workout if you cant find time to exercise alone a 1520 minute workout will provide you and your kids the advantages of exercise without boredom

Go on a family bike ride a family bike ride is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together enjoy the outdoors and get lots of exercise all at the same time if you have bikes this is an excellent way to do all of these things

Invest in some workout equipment this idea may not be appropriate for everyone because it involves money and space but if you have both you might invest in some cardio equipment such as a stationary cycle treadmill or rowing machine and keep it in the same room as your tv

Team up with another parent many parents want to workout but cant find time ask other parents if they want to partner up—maybe your kids do the same afterschool activity