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8 caramel hair color trends to bring to your colorist

Subtle chestnut caramel warming up the mane adds complexity to chocolate strands choosing a mild chestnut caramel tint ensures low maintenance

Melted cinnamon thank you caramelcinnamon melting appearance over ice nothing enhances chestnut brown like this combo giving your hair volume and flow

Golden caramel this tone resembles an autumn sunset with a radiance like the leaves the goldflecked warm brown is perfect for fall

Faceframing caramel colorist cherin choi has revitalized this chestnut mane by strategically adding brightened caramel chunks around the face

Caramel blonde golden caramel blonde ignites you this holiday makeover will highlight your brunette hair brightening your days

Angled caramel bob a sassy angled bob and a splash of caramel make this espresso mane even more stunning the simplicity of this appearance will appeal to busy people

Toffee balayage girls sometimes dont want to be subtle like our favorite tortoiseshell sunglasses this mane has chestnut toffee caramel and gold

Burnt caramel this look is sizzling with cinnamon tones that provide depth to your stunning mane