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8 best lady gaga hairstyles

The david bowie tribute lady gaga paid tribute to the memory of david bowie by donning a brilliant orange mullet with a slicked back hairstyle and shimmering blue eye shadow under her eyes learn more arrow

Retro pulledback top bun an impressively dramatic impact is produced by the sleek vintage pulledback hairstyle that has loops and twists learn more arrow

Blonde bob the short blonde bob is a casual style that is emphasized by gemstone eyebrows which are now quite popular this style is also very fashionable learn more arrow

Concave bob in a concave way this edgy blonde bob is done in a bob haircut the strong red lips and the black flicked eyelids both serve to highlight the style and give it a whole distinct vibe learn more arrow

Top bun there is a particular air to the look that is created by the top bun without a doubt it contributes to the peculiarity learn more arrow

Huge platinum tresses the diva sported platinum dreadlocks and blended them with straight tresses in order to maintain the aesthetics that she had established for herself in pop culture it is a symbol of disorder together with a look of disarray learn more arrow

Silky platinum pony bun the oneofakind ponytail is the ideal combination of a ponytail and a bun combination after the ponytail has been twisted it is transformed into a little chignon bun learn more arrow

White waves an impression that is calm and quiet is created by the white waves which complement the glittering style and the distinctive attire learn more arrow