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8 best cat breeds for kids

The little abyssinian is best for older children who can handle the cat carefully ideal for families this breed is sociable affectionate and fun abyssinian

Due to their gentleness american shorthairs make good family pets due to their origins as mousers they are fun active and independent cats who dont need regular family care they enjoy watching the window or playing alone american shorthair

Bengals like abyssinian cats are energetic and playful so kids can enjoy playing with them bengals are curious and gregarious so living with a busy family with kids can be stimulating bengal

Birman cats are mediumsized and sturdy with long silky hair this colorpointed breed has lightcolored body with darker face ears legs and tail points birman cats all have blue eyes and four white paws birman

Burmese cats are energetic mediumsized and strong burmese are playful adults who act like kittens kids may give the burmese endless fun making this species very happy burmese

Devon rexes are little so they may be better with older kids but they are gregarious friendly and energetic so families with children may enjoy them devon rex

They get along with other cats and catfriendly canines they are easily trained so youngsters may have fun teaching them tricks with positive reinforcement and delectable snacks maine coon

The manx a mediumsized cat with short or long hair is ideal for families with children strong friendly and lively the breed enjoys playing with respecting children manx can be doglike and some play fetch with their favorite toys manx