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7 ways exercise can help with exam stress

Exercise can improve mental health the hormones your body releases while exercise are responsible for any postworkout buzz or runners high you may have experienced this feelgood hormone also referred to as endorphins naturally reduces pain and promotes optimism

Exercise increases concentration fitting in a workout could be the perfect way to increase your focus levels if youve been putting off revision

Exercise boosts energy and motivation if youre revising a lot youre probably devoting a lot of mental energy to the task and sitting down for the majority of the day which can wear you out

Exercise provides structure to your day your day will feel more organized and purposeful if you give it some structure this will reduce tension and let you take a muchneeded break from editing

Exercise can regulate appetite stress related to exams can occasionally result in overeating or undereating both of which are likely to impair your ability to study and function cognitively

Exercise can improve your sleep quality if youre concerned about the quality of your sleep during exam season consider substituting electronic gadgets with physical activity to add movement to your days and promote better sleep

Exercise can help to clear your mind exercise helps divert your attention from your tests and provide you a brief window of time to focus on something else