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7 simple and cute nail designs to try at your next appointment

Glitter stars show off your sparkle with these shiny stars if you have never used paint to draw before start by making small squares and joining them together its great that you dont have to make full stars to get your point across arrow

Flame tips incorporating vivid flames is a novel approach to the traditional french tip experiment with this design using white or experiment with a combination of neon or primary colors arrow

Pastel hearts you could be reminded of a wellknown confectionery used on valentines day by this delightful design give yourself a break from the conventional red and hot pink hearts and go for this variety of pastel tones instead arrow

Green and gold accents these sophisticated gold and green embellishments on the tip of the nail create an unusual negative space manicure design although they are not exactly a french tip they are nonetheless quite attractive arrow

Yellow half moons fill in the halfmoon shapes at the base of your nails to add a splash of color to a simple manicure even though yellow is the main color you can try out other colors too arrow

Bejeweled we think these nails have just the right amount of sparkle the heartshaped jewels in the middle of the nail and the golden spiral around them are both beautiful and easy to do arrow

Blooming flowers this design is fun because of its bright colors but the growing gel base is what really makes it stand out when you put five dots of your best color polish on top of the base the polish will bloom on its own as the dots slowly spread out and grow into petals arrow