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7 marvelous wavy and curly pixie cut ideas

It doesnt take long to style this nasty cut you can use curl booster and style your hair with your hands or hot rollers and hairspray if your hair isnt already curly enough messy pixie bob for short wavy hair

The raw pixie cut with springy ringlets is quick and easy to style spray your hair too little and let the wind blow through your curls 3b curly pixie cut for brunettes

This wavy pixie cut makes your face and neck look bigger to add more color tease the roots and tangle the curls natural curly pixie cut with low undercut

This light brown hair with a golden tint feels lighter in the front where the mass of wispy curls sits but that doesnt stop the bottom from showing how thick it is long curly pixie cut with a wispy finish

Adding a little of your favorite color to your very short wavy hair can make it look more girly blue purple pink or only blonde you pick curly pixie cut with color

One side is short and the other is long dont be afraid to let some hair touch your eyes this hairstyle looks good on cheeks that are triangular or diamondshaped asymmetrical curly pixie cut

A lot of the time women with wavy hair choose undercuts that helps tame curls that wont stay in place on the sides and back a longer curly top and a neat shaved bottom look great together and are easy to take care of short curly hair with nape undercut