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7 major things to never do as a dog owner

Dont ever do these things to your dog arrow dog parents are amazing people even the best dog parents sometimes do things that hurt their pets

Leave a dog alone in the car arrow even in cool weather a car can become a greenhouse and make your dog sick too much alone time can kill a dog

Make a dog live on a chain arrow yes all dogs need outdoor space if the weather is favorable and the dog is monitored you can tether a dog outside if you dont have a fenced yard

Neglect your dogs teeth arrow pet owners should brush their pets teeth everyday but just 2 do according to avma president dr ted cohn also 65 of dogs with stage one periodontal disease go untreated

Hit a dog arrow punishing a dog with your hands is wrong it compromises dog training and your relationship

Assume your dog doesnt have feelings arrow love sadness and excitement are all possible for dogs beating or disturbing a dog affects him and your bond

Skip veterinary visits arrow it may seem obvious yet some individuals think they can selfdiagnose their dogs health issues online and avoid professional care