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7 hybrid cats breeds

Arrow bengal cat bengal cats are not the same as bengal tigers bengal cats are a mixed breed of cat that was created by crossing the asian leopard cat with different household cats mainly the egyptian mau

Arrow savannah cat there are spotted mix cats called savannah cats that are taller than bengal cats and are famous for their unique markings they are the biggest type of known and listed pet cat breed

Arrow chausie it is thought that chasies are a mix of wild cats and house cats they like being around people other cats and dogs and they are very friendly chausies are built to run and jump and they look a lot like abyssinian cats

Arrow serengeti the serengeti is different from other mixes because it is a cross between the bengal cat and the oriental shorthair their bodies are thinner than those of their bengal cousins but they still have the unique spotted hair

Arrow cheetoh love spots love cheetoh kitties after mating the bengal cat with an ocicat this new hybrid cat breed was created to be kind yet wildlooking despite its size this hybrid cat gets along with other pets and humans

Arrow toyger you can get stripes without a pet tiger with a toyger friendship and trainability are the hallmarks of this bengaltabby hybrid toygers like other purebred cats may develop heart problems

Arrow pixiebob designed to resemble bobcats and domestic cats pixiebobs are gregarious and energetic pixiebobs have tufts on their ears and bobbed tails like bobcats polydactyl toes and chirping are typical