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10 holistic ways to bioharmonise your journey into longevity

Breathe and fill your tank the morning ritual sets the tone for the day simple yet effective box breathing is essential inhaling holding then expelling for four seconds improves attention and reduces stress

Nuke those zombie cells our cells develop zombie cells that promote aging combating this requires mitochondrial health nad precursors and urolithin a rejuvenate cells improving cell health beyond appearances

Build a longevity body our bodies need maintenance for life not just appearance exercise especially cardiovascular exercises like swimming cycling or brisk walking and highintensity interval training improve heart health and fat burning

Connect to nature’s energy reconnecting with nature heals our mind and body in our increasingly digital society groundedness or earthing may improve sleep and reduce inflammation enhancing mental wellness

Social wellness community development strength and wellbeing are part of longevity social interactions especially relationships greatly impact health and longevity

Cathartic practice these scientific methods may transform our nervous system from hypervigilance to serenity and resilience our longevity path requires letting go of the past and welcoming the new

Fuel and nourish nutrient density minimum processing and sustainability are key to lifespan these principles ensure our dietary choices feed our bodies and represent our dedication to personal and planetary health

Gut health our mood immune system and cognitive capacities may be affected by gut flora therefore bioharmonisation involves adjusting our food supplements and lifestyle

Personalised supplement protocols individualized supplement programs focus assistance where its required most by recognizing biochemistry differences this shifts to precision medicine where supplements are essential to our health

Sleep consolidation we know that quality and amount of sleep are key to lifespan cooling mattress toppers adjusting bedroom temperature and minimizing light exposure may improve sleep quality